awesome! i’m a blogger

I guess I am a blogger now. I am an opera singer by trade and a jazz singer by paid. Any opera singer out there knows exactly what I am talking about. I’ve pretty much been singing professionally since the age of 14. It was always a jazz love but when I decided to get serious about my music and go back to college, I went right into it. Going back to school at 26 to get a degree in voice performance? yep, i’m crazy. I had serious obstacles too. I had children to raise and I worked full time. But I devoted myself to my family and to my studies. I am 40 now and if I had to do it all again, I would.

As I embarked on my journey I found out just how difficult it was to to be 30 yrs old and trying to break into the opera business while raising kids. Pretty much impossible. Had I gone to college for voice right out of high school it would have all still been tough but I may have had chances to get into young artist programs. Although, I knew I still had my jazz background and I do quite well supplementing low paying opera gigs with high paying jazz gigs. I kept my options open and it has worked quite well. All I really ever wanted to do was sing and share my love of singing with others. I get to do this eveyday.